October 19, 2014

 These jewel case desk calendars are annual best sellers and the 2015 range is now available in the Shop.

There are 9 designs to choose from and available in standard CD size or really cute mini business case size.

These 2015 desk calendars are in a clear, acrylic jewel case which stores the artworks and acts as a stand. They make for great lightweight gifts to send overseas and are fantastic stocking fillers.

Free gift wrapping available over the festive period.

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October 6, 2014

I have fond memories of Halloween as a child living in Scotland and it was a more traditional affair back then with dunking for apples and actually having to sing, recite poetry or tell jokes to receive our treats.

I've just finished designing this Halloween stationery pack which should come in handy if you are planning a party or giving out lollies to the neighbourhood children trick or treating this year. Pumpkins, black cats, spooky bats, full moon, guisers, spiders …. this printable stationery pack will come in handy this Halloween.

Included is:
  •  an A4 size Halloween Party Invitation with choice of white or vintage backgrounds. These are editable Microsoft Word .doc files with text boxes for the information. If you simply wanted the designs as blank stationery for handwritten notes you could just delete the text boxes.
  • a set of 8 Halloween tags with and without wording. This is an A4 pdf file. Use these for tags or labels for treat bags, jars or tins, cake toppers by attaching a lolly stick to the back, name badges for your Halloween party by sticking a safety pin onto the back, Halloween scrapbooking, mini bookmarks, table place names.

        The tags would look really good with a hole punched and some matching ribbon, cord or raffia attached.

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        September 27, 2014

        Sadly, this little fellow became orphaned when tree fellers east of Melbourne failed to notice a mother and joey koala.The tiny koala named "Darwin" was only 2 months old, weighed only 250 grams and no bigger than his fluffy toy companion, miraculously survived the fall but his mother was not so fortunate.

        'Koalas are actually incredibly maternal and the mothers will often manage to fall in a way that protects their babies over themselves,' said koala expert Colleen Wood from the Southern Ash Wildlife Shelter in Rawson, who has nursed the little boy around the clock for the past two months.

        The good news is that, against all odds, this little fellow has made it through the early stages of his rescue thanks to being cared for and fed every 4 hours by Colleen. "Darwin" was so young that his stomach had not yet developed the enzymes to breakdown eucalyptus leaves to enable him to eat his natural diet.

        What a little champion and completely gorgeous. Darwin will continue to enjoy his padded tree fork stand, heated to the temperature of his mother's pouch. He will most likely be paired up with another adult female to help him socialise

        For the whole story please visit The "Daily Mail" Online.

        This was Oz Wildlife Studio's first attendance at the Redlands Indigiscapes Wonderful Wildlife Event and when the gates opened at 10 am on Friday morning people came pouring in.

        I have never seen so many children rush over to enjoy the art and craft activities. I was visited by over 100 young creatives and 90 colouring sheets were all used up for the competition. It was a happy, fun, creative and educational day out for families and everything was laid on for the kids for FREE!

        My classroom was outside in a beautiful nature setting on a glorious, sunny September Day and leaves were falling from the overhanging trees onto our tables and in amongst our watercolour pencils.

        Colouring Competiton at Wonderful Wildlife Day 2014 Colouring Competiton at Wonderful Wildlife Day 2014
        The children were encouraged to dress up as their favourite animal and they were all given prizes. It was delightful to watch the youngsters show off their colourful animal costumes on parade around the gardens. I was so busy in my marquee that I missed a photo opportunity of this but did have "two little lions" enter the colouring competition and I think you will agree they look adorable. Colouring Competiton at Wonderful Wildlife Day 2014Colouring Competiton at Wonderful Wildlife Day 2014
        Jeanette, the Centre Coordinator (in yellow) was handing out animal cookies (koalas I think) to the children accompanied by a girl entertainer who sang songs whilst strumming a tiny little guitar to entertain the kids. The treats just kept coming and coming all day long. My marquee was next to the barbeque area and coffee vendor. The smell of cooking snags and burgers wafted over all afternoon. Colouring Competiton at Wonderful Wildlife Day 2014 Colouring Competiton at Wonderful Wildlife Day 2014
        Australian Wildlife Friends Colouring Book as a Spiral Bound Book Above is a wedge-tailed eagle and keeper from O'Reilly's. This bird is massive and spectacular when you see him up close. He was camera shy with me and turned his face away just as I pressed the shutter. Families were also treated to seeing a live koala courtesy of the Koala Action Group in that little wooden hut who happily munched eucalyptus leaves all afternoon and was totally unphased by all his visitors and admirers. The children who creatively coloured in my marquee were wonderful and I would like to thank all of them for participating and their supportive parents for assisting and joining in the fun. Some children were colouring their designs for hours and I hope nobody was too disappointed if they were not the prize winners this time round.

        The rules were quite challenging in the time frame we had - the designs had to be completely finished and every pencil coloured area had to have water applied which turned the drawing into a watercolour painting. The designs are from my "Australian Wildlife Friends" Colouring Book, containing 30 greyscale outlines from my own vector artworks. These can be purchased from the Indigiscapes Shop and my own Online Store. Every prize winner received this in their goodies packs. So here are the winning designs..  

        1st Prize

        Colouring Competiton at Wonderful Wildlife Day 2014 Colouring Competiton at Wonderful Wildlife Day 2014
        Well done to this talented young man. His bold colour choices and balance of colour throughout this design won him the top prize.

        2nd Prize

        Colouring Competiton at Wonderful Wildlife Day 2014 2nd Prize-Colouring Comp full res
        The photo of this work does not do it justice as the colours are lovely and subtle. This soft colour blending and delicate palette resulted in this young girl winning 2nd prize. She had left Indigiscapes before the judging so I was unable to present her with her prize. She has been contacted. Well done!

        3rd Prize

        Colouring Competiton at Wonderful Wildlife Day 2014 Colouring Competiton at Wonderful Wildlife Day 2014
        I was impressed with how real these rainbow lorikeets look in the colouring of this design and love the array of greens in the foliage and sun streaks in the sky. Well done to this talented young artist who walked away with 3rd Prize.

         This really is a special day for the whole family and an event to mark on your Calendar for next year if you have never been before. I had lots of fun with the kids and it's hard not to smile in such a friendly environment.

        September 15, 2014

        Oz Wildlife Studio is only a couple of minutes away from one of my favourite places, the Redlands Indigiscapes Centre. I am very proud to have my nature inspired product range in their beautiful shop and I was thrilled to be asked to attend the "Wonderful Wildlife Day" which is on during the school holidays on Friday 26th September from 10am - 2pm.

        Wonderful Wildlife

        IndigiScapes celebrates Save the Koala month!

        Friday 26 September, 10am to 2pm - during the School Holidays

        Enjoy a fun family day out to learn about our wonderful wildlife. Come dressed as your favourite animal, fashion parade held at 12.30pm, prizes for best dressed!

        Displays by:
        • Free-entry-graphic-123px.jpgKoala Action Group
        • Wildlife Preservation Society of QLD
        • Bat Conservation and Rescue
        • Redlands Wildlife Ambulance
        • Meet a Koala from Daisy Hill Koala Centre 
        • Meet Des the Wedge-tailed Eagle from Oreillys
        • Craft activities
        • Story telling
        • Oz Wildlife Studio Art Classes and Colouring Competition
        • BBQ available
        Wonderful Wildlife at Redlands Indigiscapes Centre


         run by Oz Wildlife Studio Art Classes.  

        Each of the winners will receive a copy of the Australian Wildlife Friends Colouring book, art materials, magnets, stickers and cards. The 1st prize winner will also receive a uniquely designed case for a 4/4S IPhone.

        • Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd winning designs
        • learn how to colour Australian wildlife creatively using watercolour pencils

        Looking forward to seeing you there!

        September 7, 2014

        The first time I saw a King Parrot in my garden I actually gasped.  The red head and chest on the male bird is stunning and really stands out against the natural backdrop of green leaves and foliage. Bigger than a lorikeet and much quieter with a shy nature he's my favourite feathered friend who only visits occasionally.

        I was amazed at how close he let me come to him with my camera and he happily kept munching the seed bell as I inched closer and closer to him.

        A few days later, much to my surprise, he brought his female partner down. These two birds have to be the most colour co-ordinated pair around with his "Queen" adorning the vivid red pantaloons.

        September 3, 2014

        This is Oz Wildlife Studio's first time at this hugely popular event and as the Redlands Indigiscapes Centre stocks my product line in their beautiful gift shop I was very enthusiastic about attending the popular Indigi Day Out as a local business.

        If you have never been to the Redlands Indigiscapes Centre and you are a nature lover, wildlife enthusiast, artist, keen gardener, environmentalist, teacher etc, you are in for a treat and will simply adore this Educational Centre whose home is nestled in the natural bushland just beyond the busy industrial and congested shops and factory outlets lining Redland Bay Road in Capalaba.


        I had heaps of fun in the Oz Wildlife Studio Marquee showing children how to colour creatively using watercolour pencils. The children were colouring three designs from the "Australian Wildlife Friends" Colouring Book and their finished paintings were fantastic. Everyone loved using the watercolour pencils and even the mums joined in too! A huge thank you to all of the children and parents who came into my marquee - it was wonderful to meet all of you. A HUGE thank you also to Ryan, Ethan and Ella, my gorgeous art students who kindly helped out on the day.

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        Oz Wildlife Studio is in Alexandra Hills, Redlands, Queensland, Australia

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